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official Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream JTlpW1GK

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Description du produit

Specially formulated to help relieve common foot complaints including discoloured nails and fungal skin conditions, this nourishing multi-functional foot cream relieves sore, scaly, dried or cracked skin and leaves feet clean, soft and odour-free. A rich blend of hydrating emu oil is blended with benzoic and salicylic acids to help tackle foot troubles and recondition tough skin and nails. Ancient remedial emu oil is wonderful at repairing damaged skin, and has been used for centuries by the Aborigine people for its remarkable healing properties. Coupled with antibacterial and anti fungal tea tree oil, feet are left refreshed and renewed. Perfect for sports players, sweat-prone feet or simply for general foot hygiene, Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream is suitable for both men and women. Solution For:Sweat prone feetSore, cracked heelsDry skinFungal conditionsReconditioning nailsHardened skinHealthy feet in need of a little pampering.