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the best choice HydroSlim Herbal Water Retention Relief Capsules - 360 Capsules - Water Retention Relief - Evolution Slimming Vnmh0KEC

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Description du produit

HydroSlim® helps to eliminate excess fluid retention naturally with Dandelion Root, Vitamin B6 and Juniper Berry. If you hold extra water weight that leaves you puffy or bloated, HydroSlim® can help to flush out excess water. HydroSlim® is a fast acting, quick-fix for flushing out water held in the abdomen, ankles and face and is especially helpful for women who hold excess fluid during their time of the month, or for men & women who are looking to strip excess water for a defined, more vascular look. HydroSlim® is designed to be used for short 3 day periods or during times of excess water retention, a natural formula with dandelion root, Vitamin B6 and L-Carnitine. If you find that you hold excess water, especially around your face, ankles and belly, youll likely look larger than you expect to be. Despite your best weight loss efforts, water under the skin can leave you looking puffy and bloated. Take 4 capsules daily with water. Ensure you drink plenty of water alongside HydroSlim® to activate the flushing action and avoid dehydration.